Brown Trout Watercolour


Brown Trout Water colour

I’m suffering severe fishing deprivation, so much so I have painted a picture of one. Well I say painted, copied from a Christmas card on my iPad. This lack of winter fishing will be made up for next year as I embark on my first salmon adventures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Common carp, June 2012


Common carp, June 2012

Looking over the blog it seemed a little game fish heavy of late, so here’s a carp. This was early June 2012 fishing on a commercial day ticket venue just on the edge of the M25. Perhaps not the most romantic setting but it is tucked away in a little woodland area and boasts plenty of well kept chunky carp.
This was my first night fishing trip, so to hook a pretty 27 lb common before tea I was pretty lucky. This was the only fish I caught that night and it’s something I want to do a lot more of.

Prawn Cracker

Its been rather a busy summer, all fun and games, but not good for keeping up on blog posts. So here begins “random blog back dating”.

23 June 2013. Golden Pond Fishery, Stockbridge

A quick session while visiting mother for her birthday. I know what your thinking but she had gone to church so i crowbarred in a micro session. Its a pretty little fishery, 1 acre, and really well managed. I had been before and the locals happily told just fish the margins, simple light tackle on the float. Perfect. Sure enough after a little moving about I found a few fish and they seemed to all move in the margins. I fished a center pin, 8 lb main line, 6 lb hook link to size 14 barbless hook.

Little Pond

I had decided to start on a little corn and immediately picked up a few small fish including this little chap, which i think is a gold fish of sorts but I’m really not sure exactly.Golden Pond Surprise Then it was time to have a shot on the prawns. I had recently read in a popular fishing magazine they were a good natural bait which i hadn’t explored before. Apart from being a little soft and tricky to thread onto the hook I could well see the benefits, they stank. I could see a decent size fish cruising up and down feeding at about a foot in depth. My 90 minutes was coming to a close so i was keen to hook into a decent fish. I flicked my rig in its path and on the drop the fish took the prawn. It was a cracker and fought hard, taking me on a small tour of the 1 acre pond.Prawn Cracker IMG_0978                     Not only a good fight but a lovely colour. All in all it was a top morning, I had to pack up sharpish to make it back in time for the birthday celebrations. On the way out I met the bailiff and had a brief chat. He explained the margins were so productive because of the way they cut back underwater, creating a perfect hiding place for fish and great fishing on a little venue.